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Kempter Group, LLC

Executive Technical Management

  • Never-been-done-before Technology Development

    • Has your development group told you "it can't be done"?  Maybe a fresh perspective is needed.  Call on someone who has formal education in Engineering and Management (BS EET and an MBA), along with extensive real world experience in both areas and four patents. 

  • Broadcast/video/audio/satellite Technical Services

    • Upgrading, replacing or reorganizing your facility?  Call for an analysis from someone who has worked in every major U.S. facility: ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, HBO, Showtime, Starz, ESPN and many more.

    • Paul specializes in large scale commercial satellite and cable distribution systems.  He designed and managed the implementation of The Nielsen Company system that provides thousands of signal feeds throughout their Global Technology Center in Oldsmar, Florida. 

  • Media/Audience Measurement Technology

    • Need to know who is watching or listening?  Get advice from someone who has developed audience measurement technology for 25 years.  Avoid costly mistakes and save precious time-to-market.

    • Have questions about Nielsen's Peoplemeter, NAVE encoding or Active/Passive (A/P) technology?  Paul is responsible for development of many key aspects of these technologies.

    • Need to know more about Arbitron's Portable Peoplemeter?  Paul has first-hand experience with installation, operation and household reactions to the PPM.  This methodology has a series of tradeoffs when compared to A/P.  You can benefit from this rare first-hand combined knowledge set.

    Your representative for technical standards, third party engineering companies and customers

    • Need someone to promote changes in technical standards?  Call for someone who has worked with SMPTE, CEA, DVB, SCTE and more to represent you.  Is a third party company getting off-track with your project?  Send in a seasoned development professional to get things going again!

    • Line 21 did not go away as part of the digital shutdown in June 2009!  Line 21 will remain part of television until all cable companies, satellite companies and consumer electronics manufacturers cease using NTSC as a method to deliver video from a set top to a television.  This may not happen for generations.  That means that your facility has to continue supporting line 21 (closed captioning) for many years to come.  Paul can help you plan for this and develop a long-term strategy.

  • Technical group reorganization, efficiency analysis and rightsizing

    • Tired of hearing developers tell you they need "two more weeks" or discovering an endless series of bugs after going to production?  Find out how to fix your development/testing/qualification process and/or reorganize personnel to be more effective.

    • Contact

    • Paul Kempter, BS EET, MBA, Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer by the Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE.org)

    • 727 460-3600

    • The Society of Broadcast Engineers is an independent national organization and is not associated with the state of Florida. The Kempter Group LLC does not hold itself out to be a Professional Engineer as defined by the State of Florida.  Projects that require a state licensed Professional Engineer (PE), such as power systems electrical engineering or civil engineering, will include contracting a licensed PE.